The Corner Cupboard

Salvage Groceries in Hilbert Wisconsin



The Corner Cupboard is a salvage grocery store like no other discount grocery you've ever seen. We carry groceries, health and beauty aids, cleaning products, paper items, and many, many other things everybody needs. Our inventory changes all the time, but one thing is consistent: the prices you pay are always much, much lower than you would pay to any other grocery store.




Our store is small and immaculate, and the best-kept secret in all of Calumet County and places north, east, west and south!


Open Fridays 9am to 6pm

Saturdays 10am to 4 pm

Take a walk through our aisles (with one of our imaginary shopping carts). You'll see many, many things that you need or want, and the prices that we offer will delight you! If you prefer to scroll through the entire store at one time, and see our selection in more detail, click on our Store Entrance.


Corner Cupboard Salvage Groceries

44 S. 8th Street (State Highway 57)

Hilbert, WI  54129




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